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Here are some of the great dogs I've worked with. I hope you find these case studies helpful. If you're experiencing problems with your dog, give me a call.

Haha - I don't think there is any way to capture Brussels Griffon looking happy. That's Oliver on the left and big brother Oscar to the right.  I was called in due to barking, marking, jumping up, front door manners and setting boundaries.  

Nakia is a 2-year-old with lots of energy and a mind of her own.  After 2 group classes and one-on-one training at a local obedience school, she was still reactive on leash, jumping up and as a result of the previous training, had "issues" with women in particular.  Here she shows how it's done!  That is, walking on a loose leash.  She's wearing the WaggWalker® harness by Bark Busters and her human mom chose it over our communication collar saying that she felt more confident walking this strong girl!

Yes, my job is so rough.  In fact I had to spend part of my Saturday with this little guy.  His name is Tucker and he's a 12-week-old Beagle.  He's learning not to play bite, jump up on people and in general be a good boy.  He did great!

Lile not jumping up on visitors and not rushing the front door when the bell rings. Her human mom and dad were amazed that she would stay away from the front door when the bell rang and the humans took over the greeting role. She is the new kid - an 18 mo Staffy mix to big brother, Bishop - an Aussie mix. We worked with Ripley on this first lesson due to her need to acclimate to the household having joined only 3 weeks ago.   Good girl, Ripley.

I was called in to help curb barking at the fence line.  Despite having lived in the new house less than 3 weeks, she and her brother have garnered a warning from the police.  During the first lesson, she did great at giving up control of who comes in the front door!  That's a first and the beginnings of rewiring her to chill out and be a dog - NOT a security system!

...NOT the other way around.  He's been in his current home for about 6 weeks. He barks at everything according to his owners and did a bad thing when he bit at the 10-year-old son's friend. Enter Bark Busters to the rescue - a rare trip of an hour drive both ways during the first true snow fall of the year… Teaching his owner how to read canine body language, how to keep him safe from scary situations and working at teaching him to stop in his tracks when his humans tell him to do so - were covered this first lesson. He is a really nice dog and lucked out by getting this family to call his own!  I will be posting his photo soon!

Kasey is a gorgeious 15-mo-old Eglish Cream Golden Retriever.  Despite earning his Canine Good Citizen award and passing the AKC's S.T.A.R. test, he still jumped up, wrestled the leash on walks and only followed commands when he wanted to in everyday environments.  His owner was impressed on how well he responded to the training on the very first visit!  He's a great dog with a dedicated owner!

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