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Here are some of the great dogs I've worked with. I hope you find these case studies helpful. If you're experiencing problems with your dog, give me a call.

I was called in to help with Hayden's barking, charging the front door when visitors come, separation anxiety and general manners and boundaries.  She was holding her place 15 feet from the door when the bell rang before I left from the first lesson!  Good girl Hayden!!

Mikey has been with his newest family all but 5 weeks but this is his 3rd home iand he has yet to reach 1 year old.  He is fearful of "everything" as his family stated.  Mostly, he is fearful/cautious of strangers coming to the home.  His family now has a plan in place to help this boy chill out and be a happy guy!

Kevin is a 5-yr-old female Australian Shepherd.  She thought it was her job to protect her home and nip at the heels of visitors.  When she actually BIT a family friend, I was called in to help.  Her owner felt so relieved after the first lesson!

Bear is nearly a year old but was adopted about 5 weeks ago by his current family.  He is best buds with the family's autistic son and I was called in to make sure the two of them can share fishing trips together and more!  

Mallory has a mind of her own and her owner was frustrated.  She had trained many Scottie dogs in her life but nothing was working with this girl!  Her owner said she was so excited to have me come that she was like a child waiting for Santa!!  Haha.  Mallory was working things out in her mind during the lesson and we could see her changing her ways before I left.  More work ahead with this girl!

Lucie had taken to barking at EVERYTHING since moving to the new home.  Rushing the front door when visitors came was also an issue.  Her human mom was amazed that she was able, on the first lesson, to have Lucie stay 15 feet away from the door when we practiced the doorbell.  Barking?  Mom was able to stop her at the first bark when I walked my fake dog on the sidewalk in front. Yay!

This is Dottie!  Dottiie's sister took a chunk out of her ear awhile back and thank goodness their owner's vet recommended they call Bark Busters!  Understanding canine communication and value system will go far in helping Dottie and Nikki leave their differences behind!

This cutie is named Pickles!  She is the newest dog of a current client.  It is always nice to have clients I worked with previously for another dog, call me again to cover the newest dog!  It is never too early to start shaping your dog's behavior.  In fact, the earlier the better.  With Bark Busters In-Home Dog Training, training can start before all vaccinations have been given.

Trice is a honey!  He was making it hard for his owner to work from home with all his barking!  He had been through puppy classes at a local pet store but when he started going to doggy daycare, he brought home a new habit - BARKING while outside at everything and anything!  While I was still at this first lesson, Trice ignored the kids playing right across the street!  That showed his owners that he CAN change his ways with their help!

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