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Here are some of the great dogs I've worked with. I hope you find these case studies helpful. If you're experiencing problems with your dog, give me a call.

Bella is a 2-yr-old mini Goldendoodle. I was called after she bit a relative and was growling at the children. I didn't take a picture the first lesson because she was muzzled. Today I revisited to find a calmer doggie. Her owners have done a great job showing her loving leadership. Yay!

Rylee has been in her 4th home for a bit over a month.  The children's friends had to stop visiting and when humans came, Rylee would bark and not stop growling and pacing the whole time.  Something had to be done and I was called in to help.  Rylee settled down within 2 minutes of my arrival and started playing with her toys within an hour.  She is going to be just fine!  :)

His family was primarily concerned about his behavior around attention given the baby. Practicing exercises on boundary control and leadership will give this guy a more calm life. He is such a nice dog!

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